Central Computing Facility

The computer centre of the institute shall serve as central computational facility. It shall be equipped with 30 machines. They all shall be state of the art machines connected in lan and with internet. This shall also be provided with a printer.

Central Library

The library shall be operating in a fully automated environment. Digital facilities will be there for easy access of all the reading material present in the library. It will be stalked with adequate number of text books, reference books as well as national and international journals. It shall also have photocopy service

It shall be developed and upgraded in coming years to provide the following services on demand:

  • Document delivery service
  • Reference Service & Assistance
  • Multimedia Resource
  • On-line Databases
  • Current contents
  • User Education
  • Organization of Book Exhibition & Technical demonstration
  • Making available catalogue on web OPAC (online Public Access Catalogue) for the library‚Äôs entire document collection in bibliographical form

Central Workshop

Central Instrumentation Facility

Seminar Hall